We are witnessing an exciting tech-fuelled era which was dreamt of for decades. In times such as these, when the tech industry landscape is rapidly transforming the world, women are still struggling to secure their places in this industry. But, according to various reports, it is evident that diverse companies perform better, hire better talents, have more engaged employees, and retain workers better than companies that do not focus on diversity and inclusion.

Reports suggest that 25% female students studying at tertiary levels in Bangladesh enroll for Computer Science (CS) or Information Communication Technology (ICT), while 13% of them end up joining the ICT industry after completing their graduation in the related subjects.

The lack of women taking up tech-related degrees (STEM subjects) translates into the workforce, where at many tech companies, males form the overwhelming majority. This eventually leads to women experiencing prejudice and feeling like they do not belong. It is time we focus on the next generation of tech talents and make sure gender equality exists for the betterment of everyone. This means more flexible working arrangements, more women in leadership roles and more encouragement at an early age for girls and boys to chase whatever they are naturally interested in.