Md. Mahadee Hassan

Economic Minister,The Embassy of Bangladesh in Washington, DC

Bangladesh Vision 2041, a national strategic plan to accelerate the country's socio-economic growth, cites stronger and better-quality infrastructure as a core need, seeing opportunities for significant investment in areas like ports, roads and transportation, where Bangladesh lags other similar-stage Asian economies.

To fuel the country's rapid economic growth, Bangladesh is transforming its infrastructure through mega projects spanning new ports, rail links and bridges. The Asian Development Bank notes that increasing capital flows is critical to improving the competitiveness of domestic industries and overall economic efficiency – and Bangladesh is doing just that.

The government is addressing the need for quality infrastructure, in particular transport infrastructure, with sustained investments and public-private partnerships that will help fill funding needs of around $10 billion a year. Key projects will boost trade, industry, transport and energy capacity, fueling Bangladesh's rise to high-income status.